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Financial ratios, financial research databases at the UNT Libraries, Form 10-K lookup, current financial directories, tracking down old stock certificates. Note that the CoB has separate financial research databases.

Financial Research Databases - UNT Libraries' server

NAIC QUARTERLY DATA (available at the College of Business)

At UNT, National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) insurance company financial reporting data are available via a CD of the data shipped to UNT. The NAIC provides access to insurance company data for property and casualty companies and life insurance companies in separate databases. Further information can be found at the NAIC web site, To get access, see Associate Dean Cengiz Capan of the UNT CoB. The primary contact for further information is Dr. Enya He. Professor He is a faculty member in the College of Business, Department of FIREL.

Audit Analytics

"Audit Analytics provides detailed research on over 20,000 public companies and more than 1,500 accounting firms." Access by using your WRDS account. See the CoB Faculty members in the Department of Accounting, especially, Dr. Lili Sun or Dr. Carol Ann Frost. For general information, see .

To find tutorials

  • LexisNexis: type Lexisnexis tutorial into the search engine. This will also pull up YouTube tutorials.
  • Thomson One Banker: type "Thomson One Banker" tutorial into the search engine.

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