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MRTS 4360/5460: International Communication: Film

UNT Media Library

The Media Library contains the UNT Libraries' nonprint, audiovisual collections. The mission of the UNT Media Library is to support the instructional and research needs of UNT faculty, staff, and students by collecting, maintaining, and providing access to media materials that represent all academic disciplines and all genres of film.

Contact the Media Library

(940) 565-2480

Media Library Tools

Foreign Language Films - browse non-English films by the language spoken in the Foreign Language Films list.

New Media Purchases  - browse the films that have most recently arrived at the Media Library in our New Media Purchases list.

Search the Media Library Catalog

The UNT Media Library contains over 30,000 audiovisual resources. includes features films, documentaries, educational films, television series, foreign and independent films, short films and experimental works.

Search the Media Library Catalog at


Keyword Search

A basic way to search on a topic.

Hint: Use "AND" between keywords to create a more complex search. Example: Africa AND "Mass Media"


Subject Search

 A more complex way to search. Subject searches require exact terminology. A few Subjects related to International Communications are:

A basic way to search for a specific film title.

Author Search

Author searches can be used to search by name of film creators (director, actor, crew).

Hint: Search in "Last Name, First Name" format.  Example: "Moyers, Bill"

How to Cite Film and Video

MLA Style

Title. Director’s name. Any additional information you deem relevant, such as lead actors. Format. Distributor, year of distribution.

Example: Scarface. Dir. Brian DePalma. With Al Pacino. DVD. Universal Home Video, 1998.


APA Style 

Motion Pictures

Responsible parties. (Role). (Date). Title [format]. Distributors’ location: Distributor’s name.

Example: DePalma, B.R. (Director). (1998). Scarface. [DVD]. Universal City, CA: Universal Home Video.


Television Broadcast or Series Episode

Responsible parties. (Role). (Date of broadcast or copyright). Title [format: Television broadcast or Television Series]. Distributors’ location: Studio or Distributor’s name.

Example: Hope, B. (Producer). (1977, January 14). Bob Hope Christmas Special. [Television broadcast]. New York City, NY: National Broadcast Company.


Single Episode of a Television Series

Episode responsible parties. (Role). (Date of broadcast or copyright). Title of episode [format: Television series episode]. In P. Producer, (Producer), Series title. Distributors’ location: Studio or Distributor’s name.

Example: Biachi, E. (Director) & Milch, D.S. (Writer). (2006, July 30). Leviathan Smiles. [Television series episode]. In D.S. Milch (Producer), Deadwood. New York City, NY: Home Box Office.

Current Events

Online videos related to current events.

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