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INFO 5200: Introduction to Information Organization: IOP

What is it?

The Information Organization Project, or IOP, is a project designed to help students understand and apply major concepts of information organization. The project requires students select a collection of information objects and develop a system of organizing them. After creation of an organization system, students are able to implement the system using the database software Inmagic.


It may be necessary to upgrade your computer system. Inmagic is a PC based software. MAC users will need be able to run Windows based software or acquire emulation capability.

For running Inmagic, you must use a computer with the Windows operating system (Win95/98/Me, Windows NT/2000, or Windows XP). The educational version of Inmagic is free; the software and instructions are provided in the SLIS 5200 class. MAC users are responsible for their own accommodations, but the software runs on any number of PC emulators.

Sources for Help

These sources, (courtesy of former UNT SLIS student Charlie Dean) are for help with the technical aspects of the IOP, not the content. Below are some of the technical problems students encounter with Inmagic during the IOP.


Inmagic is a PC based database tool.  The Inmagic database tool allows you to organize your collection of objects to facilitate their retrieval within the system.  A database can be organized by fields, records, and files. Fields are singular pieces of information. When fields are combined they make a record. Groupings of records make up file.

field record file

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