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INFO 5000 - Information and Knowledge Professions: Review of Literature

What is it?

The literature review should be a summary of what scientific literature says about your topic.  It should discuss your topic based on an analysis and synthesis of the sources you have selected concerning your topic.  The literature review should be a critical evaluation of your topic including opposing viewpoints.

Things to Remember

When writing a review of literature your paper should include a title page with an abstract, an introduction, and be followed by a list of references.

You should be able to look at the review of literature and ask yourself:

  • Does this paper show my familiarity with my topic?  Does it cover the literature available on my topic?
  • Does this paper reflect a synthesis of the sources collected for my annotated list of references?
  • Does this paper show a deeper understanding of my topic?

Sources for Help

Check Your Review of Literature


APA encourages the use of editing techniques to help you proof your paper. Some questions you should ask yourself before turning in your paper are:

   1.  Does the abstract summarize the key points of my paper?

   2.  Are there grammar or spelling problems?

   3.  Does my introduction clearly explain the focus of my review?

   4.  Are the analysis and synthesis of my cited literature of a high quality?

   5.  Do my final perspective and conclusion cover the state of literature on my topic clearly?

   6.  Were contrasting sources for both sides of my topic represented in my paper?

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