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PHIL 2600: Ethics in Science

How to find credible resources for your research paper

Criteria for Reputable Website

Reputable websites have the following characteristics:

  • one of these domains - .gov, .org, or .edu (except webpages of individuals)
  • author(s) and qualifications are available - look for About Us
  • authored by an organization or institution rather than an individual
  • information has a current date of publication - see bottom of pages
  • proper attribution given for quotes, paraphrases, and images
  • evidence or citations provided to support arguments
  • lack inflammatory language
  • professionally done web design, grammar, word usage, spelling, etc.

Reputable Websites on Science and Ethics

Reputable Websites

What about Wikipedia? In general, it's not a credible website because individuals write the entries and don't undergo rigorous review. But the entries can be a good starting place for understanding a topic. Use the external links or references in an entry to progress to more credible sources.

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