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PHIL 2600: Ethics in Science

How to find credible resources for your research paper

Criteria for Reputable Newspapers

Reputable newspapers have the following characteristics:

  • Cover serious topics, such as politics, economics, environment, education, etc.
  • Have professional editors and journalists on staff
  • Been published for a number of years
  • Have professional-level design, grammar, and word usage
  • Contain a preponderance of text over images
  • Articles contain evidence or data to support claims
  • Are indexed/abstracted in databases used in academics

Also remember these points about newspapers:

  • Online newspapers can be just as reputable and reliable as print newspapers
  • Newspapers contain different types of articles - research, editorial, opinion, column, report. Be sure to determine whether the article your are reading is stating fact or opinion

Tools for Evaluating Newspapers

The word "periodicals" includes both journals and newspapers. Here are some tools to help you determine the bias of periodicals, what type of review they have (peer or editor), how long they've been published, and more.

Reputable Newspapers

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