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Promotions & Trials of Electronic Resources: Trials & New Resources

Learn more about and gain access to current trials of electronic resources. Find promotional content designed to increase usage of library resources. Email Allyson Rodriguez to suggest further resources to include in this guide.


To request a trial for a new electronic resources, please contact

Trial Guidelines

New resources are evaluated and considered year-round at the request of faculty, students, and librarians.

Trials can be requested at any time and will be made available as appropriate. However, in some cases a trial may not be possible or practical. Reasons for this may include: limited resources available to spend on managing trials, the unavailability of a trial for certain resources or through certain vendors, and in order to allow us to solicit focused feedback from library users. 

We will consider trials of previously discontinued resources on a case-by-case basis and taking into consideration factors such as: whether or not the product has recently improved or expanded; if programs at UNT have expanded or changed; if a resource has low overlap with existing collections; and how long it has been since patron feedback on this resource was gathered. If a trial is not conducted for any reason the request will be documented for future consideration. 

Products that are trialed but not purchased will be documented as denied or be entered on a Wish List for future consideration.

Trial Feedback

Please go to the Trial Feedback Survey to fill out a survey about your opinion of a resource. This information will be used to help make decisions about library resources. Thank you!

Usability Evaluation Rubrics

You can help the Libraries understand how easy or difficult it is to use a resource. This information, gathered during a trial, can help us make more informed decisions about library resources. Use the evaluation rubric below, following the directions, to assist us in providing the highest quality library resources to you. 

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