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The Soundbox and Equipment Checkout

This is the homepage for The Soundbox and music equipment available for checkout from the UNT Music Library

HIMS QBraille XL

HIMS QBraille XL

HIMS braille display

Specifications and Information

Circulation Information

  • Please ask at Music Library service desk to use
  • Library use only


GOODFEEL® from Dancing Dots at the Music Library Accessibility Station



The HIMS QBraille XL Braille display and the GOODFEEL® Software Suite from Dancing Dots are available to assist members of the UNT community with print disabilities. Products within the GOODFEEL® Software Suite automate transcription of printed scores into accessible “talking” scores including braille music, verbal and musical cues, and provides an accessible environment for writing print scores. The station is also equipped with a MIDI keyboard. The braille display and software suite are available at the Accessibility Workstation near the Music Library Services desk in the Willis Library. We are happy to provide training to students, faculty, and staff interested in using this equipment. For training inquiries, please email

Accessibility workstation with braille display, MIDI keyboard, computer workstation

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