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RHAB 5700: Ethical and Professional Foundations in Rehabilitation Counseling

A guide to relevant library resources for students in RHAB 5700: Ethics and Professional Foundations in Rehabilitation Counseling

Scholarly Literature Databases

To find scholarly articles related to rehabilitation, the library databases linked below are great places to start. Databases below are grouped into two categories: those that are better for searching for multidisciplinary literature and those databases that contain journals related to rehabilitation, health & medicine, and psychology and behavioral science. You can also search in or browse individual journals that are linked in the rehabilitation journals box on the left side of this page.

Multidisciplinary Databases

Topical Databases for Rehab, Health & Medicine, Psychology and Behavioral Science Literature

EBSCO visual in one click! (RHAB)

Example of searching several EBSCOhost databases and limiting results.

EBSCO host database and limiting results

Additional Links