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U.S. Army "Blueprint Specials" and Other Soldier Shows

Musical revues created by the U.S. Army Special Services Division for soldiers to perform and published as a complete do-it-yourself kit containing script, orchestrations, set and costume designs, choreography, and program templates.


"At Ease" volumes published by USO-Camp Shows, Inc.

The earliest Soldier Shows were edited and compiled by the Writers and Material Committee of Camp Shows, Inc. in a series called "At Ease" and were published by USO-Camp Shows, Inc. to be distributed exclusively to military and naval establishments and performed only by Armed Forces personnel. Some of the material was previously published elsewhere and some of it was specially written for these volumes.

Soldier Shows published by The Infantry Journal, Inc.

"At Ease" volumes published by Street & Smith Publications

These pocket-size, oblong format installments in the "At Ease" series were prepared and distributed by the Special Services Division, Army Service Forces. They were printed by Street & Smith Publication, Inc., a publisher known for inexpensive pulp fiction paperbacks and magazines, as well as comic books.

Soldier Shows Folios

These Soldier Shows were prepared  by the Special Services Division, ASF (Entertainment Section) and published by the Government Printing Office. They have a format very similar to the "Blueprint Specials," featuring a survey form to gauge the success and usefulness of the material; a typed script; and handwritten musical accompaniments. They sometimes include copyrighted material temporarily released for use by the Armed Forces.

Hospital Entertainment Guides

These soldier shows contain theatrical entertainment material (typically with a medical theme) to be presented by hospital patients to their fellow patients.

Unnumbered Soldier Shows

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