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Government Information Connection: Public Policy Resources

This guide offers information about locating legislative resource, administrative code, and public policy analysis.

Municipal Ordinances

The following information is take from the Texas State Law Library website.

In Texas, the Local Government Code, in the Texas State Statues, outlines a municipality's authority to enact ordinances within its jurisdiction. The different types of municipalities (e.g., home rule, general law) have specific procedures for enacting ordinances. Local ordinances are usually enforced by local law enforcement agencies such as city police departments.

Counties have some authority to enact ordinances, but a county's authority is generally more limited than that of a municipality.

Locating ordinances:

  • City ordinances may be accessible online through one of the following sites. Otherwise, the city secretary or the local public library may be able to provide access to city ordinances.
  • For county ordinances, first check the county's official website because some counties publish their ordinances online. Otherwise, the county clerk, county judge, county commissioners, or the local public library may be able to provide access to county ordinances.

Municipal Ordinance Process

infographic of the municipal ordinance process

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