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MGMT 4235: Social Entrepreneurship

Helpful resources to support students taking MGMT 4235: Social Entrepreneurship.

Google Search

Resources on the Web & Tips for Better Google Searches

Search for the Company Name or Ticker symbol via Google to access company produced materials.

When searching via Google combine limiters with keyword to return specific results. Below are a few examples:

  • Site:.pdf will limit to PDF
  • limits to organizational site
  • limits to a government website

"How to Search Google Like a Pro: 10 Tips & Tricks for Google and Beyond" -- an article from The Guardian

Find Company Information at the UNT Libraries

Use the following library subscription databases to get company information.

  1. Decide what kind of information you are looking for (general, financials, etc.).
  2. Choose a database to explore based on the description.
  3. Click the link and get the info you need!

If you need any help, contact your Business Librarian, Yvonne Dooley.

General information

SWOT analysis

Financials & SEC filings

Free resources from the Federal Government and Others

  • EDGAR: Financial filings, reports and registrations filed for international and domestic companies withe the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Annual Report Service from The Public Register

Historical Company Reports


Analyst reports

Additionally, a variety of valuable, free internet resources for accessing company analysis and stock information. 

Additional Links