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BUSI 4940: Business Policy

Library resources to help you complete your BUSI 4940 team project assignments.

Welcome BUSI 4940 students!

This guide provides helpful information and links so you can successfully complete your assignments for BUSI 4940, the capstone course for undergraduate business students at the Ryan College of Business. If you have any questions, or need help finding information, just send me an email at

Preliminary Sources for Project Assignments

Get a jump start on your team project assignments by going over the following information:

NOTE: Citations below are in APA format and can be copied and included in your reference list.

Industry Classification Codes:

Use the following industry classification codes to search library databases and the Internet for more relevant results:

Annual Reports:

Company annual reports can be found in a variety of ways. Below is a link to the most recent annual reports for Tesla from both their company website and the Securities and Exchange Commission website.

Company History:

Company News:

Access the library database, ABI/INFORM Global, for company and industry news like the articles below (you must login with your EUID and password for remote access):

Company Profile:

Access the library database, Mergent Intellect, for company profiles like the one below (you must login with your EUID and password for remote access):

(Note: Access this profile by logging into Mergent Intellect at and searching "Knight Swift Transportation Holdings, Inc." in the search box.)

Industry Report:

Access the library database, IBISWorld, for industry reports like the one below (you must login with your EUID and password for remote access):

  • Perdomo, C. (2023, November). Industry report: Long-distance freight trucking in the U.S. Retrieved from IBISWorld. Web. 12 January 2024.

(Note: Access this report by logging into IBISWorld at and searching "484121" in the search box.)

Additional Links