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BIOL 3900: Advanced Research in Life Sciences, Fall 2013: Introduction

Resources for the students of "Advanced Research Course in Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" taught by Dr. Kent Chapman in the Fall 2013 semester.


Welcome to the class page for BIOL 3900 in Fall 2013! The title of the course this semester is "Advanced Research Course in Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology."

The faculty and staff for your course are: Instructor - Dr. Kent Chapman, Teaching Assistant - Yingqi Cai, and HHMI Research Fellow - Kevin Mutore.

I'm Erin O'Toole, the subject librarian for the Biological Sciences Department, and I'll be assisting by answering your library-related questions and managing the class page. Have fun and good luck with your research!

Syllabus and Schedule

Open the BIOL 3900 syllabus or course schedule by clicking on the  links below. You can then choose to view or download the documents.

BIOL 3900: Class of Fall 2013

BIOL 3900 Fall 2013 students

Course Objective

This course was made possible by a grant to UNT from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Program for Undergraduate Science Education 2010.

The objective of this course is to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to conduct research in the areas of Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The research course will explore and test the extent of conservation of the regulation of lipid storage in eukaryotes at the cellular level. Approaches will involve the expression of mammalian "lipodystrophy" proteins in yeast and plant systems, and the evaluation of lipid droplet biogenesis by confocal fluorescence microscopy and lipid profiling. During the course, students will read the scientific literature, design experiments and evaluate/interpret their own results. Emphasis will be placed on critical thinking, data analysis and presentation of their scientific findings.

Your Instruction Team


Kent ChapmanYingqi CaiKevin Mutore







Left to right:

Dr. Kent Chapman, Professor

Yingqi Cai, Teaching Assistant

Kevin Mutore, HHMI Research Fellow and Student Assistant

Subject Librarian

Erin O'Toole's picture
Erin O'Toole
Willis Library, Room 080

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