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BIOC 4560: Biochemistry Lab

Library resources to help you prepare your presentation on current technology in biochemistry research.

Does UNT Subscribe to a Journal?

You can answer this question by using the UNT Library Catalog. Let's say you want to find this article at the UNT Libraries:

Russell, W., Gratz, S., Duncan, S., Holtrop, G., Ince, J., Scobbie, L., & ... Flint, H. (2011). High-protein, reduced-carbohydrate weight-loss diets promote metabolite profiles likely to be detrimental to colonic health. The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition, 93(5), 1062-1072.

Go to the Libraries homepage

Select the Books & Media tab in the central search box, and then select Journal Title from the left drop-down menu

Type in the title of the journal, and Search

Search for American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on library homepage

Look to see whether the journal is available online, in print, or both. Newer issues are usually in the online version and older issues in the print version.

Catalog entries for American Journal of Clinical Nutrition



For online, pick the link that includes the year you need, in this case, 2011. The online journal will open and you can browse to the individual article. Look to the right for the rest of the steps.

 Online access points for American Journal of Clinical Nutrition




For print, look at Library Has: for the year you need, and then select View All Copies to see where the volume is located.

Biochemistry Journals

To get a list of biochemistry journals at the UNT Libraries, do a Subject search for [biochemistry periodicals] in the UNT Library Catalog. The search returns over 200 journal titles! Here is a sampling of the titles:

American journal of biochemistry and biotechnology

Applied biochemistry and microbiology

BMC biochemistry

FEBS journal

Trends in biochemical sciences

Additional Links