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BIOC 4560: Biochemistry Lab

Library resources to help you prepare your presentation on current technology in biochemistry research.

Recommended Biochemistry Databases

The journal article databases below have excellent coverage of biochemistry and many features to tailor and limit your searches. Tips for using the databases:

  • Use the Advanced Search
  • Create a Boolean search using the default fields
  • Use the limiters to narrow your search, e.g., Date of Publication, Linked Full Text, Sex, Age Related, Publication Type
  • On the Results screen, use the left panel to narrow your results

Search Multiple EBSCOhost Databases at Once!

To search MEDLINE and Science and Technology Collection simultaneously:

  1. Enter one of the databases via the library homepage, under the Databases tab
  2. Click on the link, Choose Databases above the search boxes
  3. A list of all the EBSCOhost databases that UNT Libraries subscribe to will pop up
  4. The database you are already in will be selected; select the other database
  5. Click on the OK button at the top left or bottom left of the window to go back to the Advanced Search screen
  6. Below the search boxes, select the limiters you want applied to each database
  7. and Search!

Google Scholar Settings for UNT Libraries

Google Scholar is another acceptable database you can use to identify articles on a topic. Remember to use it in conjunction with other databases to be sure you've searched through a large pool of journals.

You can make searching with Google Scholar easier by using the Library Links setting, which will show you which articles the UNT Libraries have in full text.

Here's how to do it: Navigate to Google Scholar, select the hamburger icon, and then Settings. 

Settings in Google Scholar menu

Select Library Links from the left navigation panel.

Library Links in Google Scholar Settings

Search for [university of north texas] and select "University of North Texas System" and "University of North Texas - ProQuest Fulltext Note": do not select "University of North Texas Health Science Center." Save the setting.

Selecting UNT library links

Now when you search for a topic, you'll see the links to full text at UNT on the right of the screen.

Example of UNT library link in Google Scholar

Recommended Journal Packages for Biochemistry

The UNT Libraries have collections of e-journals, or journal packages, that are specific for the sciences. Journal packages are a good place to find the full text of an article after finding the article in a database. The journal packages provide:

  • the full text of journals from a single publisher, e.g. American Chemical Society
  • a limited number of journals, ranging from 10 - 2000
  • many personalization features allowing you to follow the literature in particular journals

What is Peer Review?

Many instructors require you to use peer-reviewed sources for your papers and projects, but what does that mean?

  • Peer review is the process of having experts in a field review the quality of an article or book before it is published
  • Most articles in scholarly and academic journals are peer-reviewed
  • Books published by university or academic presses are peer-reviewed

Most databases allow you to limit your search to peer-reviewed articles. Here are two examples:

Additional Links