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ARTH 4805: Medieval Saints: Books on Saint's Lives

Resources on the lives of the saints, hagiography, liturgy and ritual.

Books on Christian Saints

How to Find books on Christian Saints

How to Find books on Saints at the UNT Libraries

Search the UNT Libraries Catalog

*To search, choose the "keyword" search options. Search the name of the saint . Search by last name, first name. Example: von Bingen, Hildegard, or Bingen, Hildegard, or Hildegard, Saint (for Saint Hildegard von Bingen).


Books that include stories about the Lives of the Saints (Biography, Hagiography)

Some are e-books, some are on Reserve, and some are Reference books. Click the book titles to find their location and call number.

Ebooks can be read by clicking on the title (If accessing off campus, you will need to enter your EUID and EUID password).
Reserve books can be checked out at the 1st floor Library Services Desk in the Willis Library.
3rd Floor Art Reference books cannot be checked out, but can be used, photocopied and or scanned in the library.

The golden legend: readings on the saints

Lives of the saints​, by Rev. Alban Butler (complete edition)

The lives of the fathers, martyrs, and other principal saints: compiled from original monuments, and other authentic records: Illustrated With The Remarks Of Judicious Modern Critics And Historians, By the Rev. Alban Butler, 2nd edition (ebook, click to read)

Lives of saints, selected and abridged from the original work of the Rev. Alban Butler (ebook, click to open)

The lives of the saints, by Sabine Baring-Gould (Reserve, Check out at the Library Services Desk, 1st floor, Willis Library)

Sainted women of the Dark Ages

Soldiers of Christ: saints and saints lives from late antiquity and the early Middle Ages​

Hagiography and the cult of saints: the diocese of Orléans, 800-1200

Saints' lives and chronicles in early England

Late Merovingian France: history and hagiography, 640-720​

Holy men and holy women: Old English prose saints' lives and their contexts  (ebook, click to read)

The royal saints of Anglo-Saxon England: a study of West Saxon and East Anglian cults​

Medieval Irish saints' lives: an introduction to Vitae sanctorum Hiberniae​

Middle English legends of women saints

Soldier saints and holy warriors: warfare and sanctity in the literature of early England

Sanctity in the North: saints, lives, and cults in Medieval Scandinavia

Everyday saints and the art of narrative in the South English legendary​

History and hagiography from the late antique Sinai​

Imagining the sacred past: hagiography and power in early Normandy​

Sacred Biography: Saints and Their Biographers in the Middle Ages

The Legenda aurea: a reexamination of its paradoxical history


How to Find Books on Saints at Other Libraries

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