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ADES 4640: Interior Design, Space V

Professional practice resources for interior design.

Journal Articles on Interior Design, Architecture, Interior Designers and Architects

How to Find Journal Articles on Interior Designers, Architects, Interior Design and Architecture

Search the following UNT Libraries journal databases for articles on designers and architects and their works, and interior design and architecture topics. Many contemporary designers do not have books published about them; therefore, the best information can usually be found in journals.
*If accessing off campus, you will be asked for a username (EUID), and password (EUID password).

*Search the designer's name, works or concepts in the databases below, ex: Ando, Tadao, Johnson, Philip, glass house, interior design, "form follows function".

Searching for Articles in one Specific Journal

If you know the name of ONE specific journal that you would like to try to search for articles within that journal only:

1. Go to the UNT Libraries home page:
2. Choose the tab "Books & Media"
3. Change the "Keyword" default box to "Journal Title" search
4. Type the Title of the journal in the overall search box (directly above the box that you changed to journal title search), and click "Search"

Now you will see the holdings that the UNT Libraries have for that particular Journal. Many of the journals are in both paper and online format. If you see an entry that says "Online" beside the journal title then click on that entry.

Now you will see a listing of the journal vendors that the library buys the online journal content from along with the years of issues that that vendor offers. Click on one of the Vendor / journal years offered links to get into the online journal content. 
*At this point if you are accessing off campus, you will be asked for an EUID and EUID password.

Once inside the journal, you will see a search box with the words beside it that says "Search in this Journal".  So just type your topic keyword(s) in the search box, (example: Lighting), and then all articles in that particular journal about the the topic of lighting will be shown. 


Interior Design and Architecture Journals at the UNT Libraries

Interior Design and Architecture Journals at the UNT Libraries

A small sampling of interior design and architecture journals to browse for creative inspiration.
These journals are either online and or in print format on the 3rd floor of the Willis Library.  Search the journal title here to find the online version. If accessing the online version off campus, you will be asked for your EUID and EUID password.

Architectural Digest
Better Homes and Gardens
Condé Nast House & Garden
Decorative Art in Modern Interiors
Domus; Architecttura, Arredamento, Arte
Environment and Behavior
HERD Journal
House Beautiful
Indoor and Built Environment
Interiors & Sources
Journal of Green Building
Journal of Interior Design

Journal of Consumer Culture
Journal of Material Culture

Online Interior Design Journals

Additional Links