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ADES 4640: Interior Design, Space V

Professional practice resources for interior design.

Furniture and Architectural Style Identification and Images: Databases

Furniture and Architectural Styles Identification and Images: Databases

*If accessing off campus, you will be asked for a username (EUID), and password (EUID password).

Furniture Styles: Books

Furniture Styles: Books

*Located in the Willis Library on the 3rd floor.

The Complete Guide to Furniture Styles
NK2270 .B63 1997

Dictionary of Furniture
NK2205 .D5 2000

Sotheby's Concise Encyclopedia of Furniture
NK2235 .S68 1989

Furniture & Furnishings: a Visual Guide
NK2230 .W48 1990

The Encyclopedia of Furniture
NK2205 .A7 1965

A Short Dictionary of Furniture
NK2205 .G55 1977

History of Interior Design and Furniture: from Ancient Egypt to Nineteenth-Century Europe
NK1710 .B57 1997

Ancient Furniture; a History of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Furniture
NK2280 .R5

Furniture of Classical Greece
NK2305 .R6

French Furniture in the Middle Ages and Under Louis XIII
749 F334

The Shorter Dictionary of English Furniture; from the Middle Ages to the Late Georgian Period
NK2529 .M32 1954

Furniture and Interior Decoration of the Italian Renaissance
NK2052 .S3

Antique Furniture: Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical
NK2350 .S76 1982

Chinese Classical Furniture
NK2668 .W8 1995

Western Furniture: 1350 to the Present Day in the Victoria and Albert Museum
NK2260 .V53 1996

The Dictionary of English Furniture, from the Middle Ages to the Late Georgian Period
NK2529 .M32 1954, vols. 1-3

A History of English Furniture
NK2529 .M3232 1972 vols. 1-4

Collector's Encyclopedia of American Furniture
NK2405 .S894 1998

Contemporary Furniture: an International Review of Modern Furniture, 1950 to the present
NK2395 .C67

Furniture by Architects: Contemporary Chairs, Tables and Lamps
NK2395 .F87 1981

Identifying American Furniture: a Pictorial Guide to Styles and Terms, Colonial to Contemporary
NK2405 .N28

Art Deco Furniture: the French Designers
NK2549 .D86 1984

Sourcebook of Modern Furniture
NK2395 .H34 1996

Encyclopedia of Furniture Materials, Trades, and Techniques
NK2205 .E34 2000

The Complete Book of Shaker Furniture
NK2407 .R54 1993

Collector's Encyclopedia of American Furniture
NK2405 .S894 1991

American Furniture & the British Tradition to 1830
NK2406 .K55 1982

American Painted Furniture 1660-1880
NK2406 .F3 1972

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