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ENGL 4850: Literature in Context

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Dr. Hawkins Ÿ Office: Auditorium 208 Ÿ Ÿ Office Hours: by appointment

Welcome to your English Class Guide

I am your English subject librarian and I am here to help you with your research and citation.  Please take a look at this class guide it is filled with valuable, helpful information.  The UNT Library website is and this website contains lots of important information along with your search boxes to find books, journal articles, online books and online articles and more.  

Please take these surveys before and after class instruction or class page review



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English Website

Plagiarism Information

RefWorks Information


Online bibliographic management program that allows users to import citation information, create a personal database of references information, and create a bibliography and annotated bibliography page in Word.  

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UNT Primary Resources

Primary Sources

Prior to 1801 ESTC  English Short Title Catalog

1473-1700 EBBO  Early English Books Online

1701-1800 ECCO  Eighteenth Century Collections Online

1639-1800 Evans  Early American Imprints, Series II: Shaw Shoemaker

1801-1819 Shaw  Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans Digital Edition





Items are edited together into single volumes.


Subject-specific dictionaries exist for a variety of topics.


A book containing one or more alphabetical lists of the inhabitants of any locality, with their addresses and occupations; also a similar compilation dealing with the members of a particular profession, trade, or association, for example a Clerical or Medical Dictionary, etc. 



  • Archives and Manuscripts
  • Audiovisual
  • Databases
  • General
  • Patents


Patent and Statistical Databases

  1. Patents
  2. Statistics
  3. Reference

Technical Surveys and Reports

  1. Archives
  2. Audiovisual
  3. Copyright
  4. General

Thesauri -- Classified list of terms or keywords

  1. Archives
  2. Art and Architecture
  3. Classical Languages
  4. Cultures, Anthropology, and Sociology
  5. General
  6. Law and Politics
  7. Museology
  8. Music
  9. Science and Mathematics

Union Catalogs

National Union Catalog is an example. Another example is OCLC Worldcat.

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