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UCRS 1100 & 1850

This is a course guide for the UCRS 1000 and UCRS 1100 courses.

Catalog Searches and More LibGuides for Career Research

Career research is exciting and increases your "career maturity" by having you 1) gather information about your career and pushing you to plan for your future after college, 2) develop an attitude about you do/don't want to do in your future, 3) and develop wisdom regarding the relationship between your education, choices, abilities, actives, and interests that will effect your career path.

Below you'll find a lot to resources to help you get started. If you are felling overwhelmed by the choices, I recommend starting with O*Net Database.

Key Word Searches in Library Catalog "All Collections"

Other LibGuides to Help You Find Resources

List of Professional Associations & Organizations by Industry/Occupation

Databases and Journals for Career Research

Understanding Your Personality for Career Research

Your personality can play an important role in your career choice. People that tend to be happier in their careers are those that have a career that doesn't conflict with their interests.

Resources to Learn about Your Personality

  • The Princeton Review. This 24 question quiz will match you with a color that describes the over archiving qualities of your personality in relation to career fields. (As an example, I am a blue person and I am drawn to education fields, writing, and careers that let me think analytically.)

  • The Myers-Briggs. This test one of the most comprehensive personality tests that can help you identify personality traits that you may want to keep in mind when choosing a career.

Interest Assessment quizzes are also helpful to take to match activities that your like with career goals. Again, people who do things that they enjoy tend to be happier and more successful in their work.

  • Career One Stop Interest Assessment. This 30 quiz uses data from O*Net Interest Profiler and occupational outlook, wage, and education facts from the U.S. Department of Labor. It will provide you with 30 results listed from best to good fix. 

  • O*Net Interest Profiler provides 4 different tests to analyze your interests and match you with career suggestions. These tests are longer and more comprehensive. 



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