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This guide provides an overview of plagiarism.

7 Quick Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

Quick Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

  1. Be sure to give yourself time to conduct research as well as to write your paper. The more time you give yourself, the less rushed you will be and the fewer errors you will make.

  2. Provide a list of citations for all the resources that you used at the end of your paper

  3. Provide "internal citations" every time you use a resource within the body paragraphs of your paper 

  4. Properly quote resources when you use a resource word-for-word AND cite your source

  5. Properly paraphrase resources by putting the content into your own words and syntax AND cite your source

  6. Properly summarize the main points of a resource AND cite your source

  7. Cite your sources, cite your sources, and cite your sources.

Writing Practices to Avoid Plagiarism

UNT Libraries

The UNT Libraries has information on their website to help you with citation styles.

Writing Practices to Avoid Plagiarism

Purdue OWL has great suggestions on both preparing your research for writing and writing methods to help you avoid plagiarism. Below you will find a list of topics to help you:


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