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Online Media: Kanopy FAQs

Guide to UNT's online media resources

What changed with Kanopy?
The UNT Libraries recently started mediating all requests for new videos on Kanopy. Patrons now need to make a request to access to new Kanopy titles. If a movie is available on Kanopy but hasn’t been licensed, or the license expired, the student or professor trying to access the film will get a popup form to request a new license. Submitting the request form sends an email to Media Library staff who will process the request. If a license is purchased the video will be available to all UNT students and faculty for at least one year.

What if I want to request movies to be added to the general circulating Media Library collection?
Please keep in mind that the content on Kanopy is not truly purchased but only leased for one year. Requests for videos to be added to the permanent Media Library collection should be sent directly to the Media Library.

What if I want to view a movie that is available on Kanopy but I do not need online access?
Please send the request for this movie directly to the Media Library. Faculty can have DVDs delivered directly to their office.

As a UNT professor, can I request a title on Kanopy to show in a face-to-face class? 
Please consider that each time we license a title it costs the UNT Libraries a significant amount of money. Because of this we are not able to license Kanopy titles for face-to-face classes unless there is no other way to purchase the film. Please send requests for DVDs directly to the Media Library. Faculty can have DVDs delivered directly to their office.

What are the steps to requesting that the library purchase a license for a video on Kanopy?
1. Search the Kanopy platform to find the video you want.

Kanopy search
2. Complete the request form...and that's it! You'll be notified by the Media Library once the video is available.


Screen shot of video request form


Why did the Library make this change to the Kanopy platform?
Two reasons: to make access to this resource more in line with all of our other online video resources, all of which involve requests and a processing time; and to curb Kanopy spending which has increased to an unsustainable level. 

What does it mean for a video to be "licensed"?
Once a request for a title is processed it will be accessible to all UNT faculty, students and staff for the duration of the license. Online video from Kanopy is only available for lease. Each time we buy a license we have access to that video for 1-3 years. Once the license expires a video must be renewed (at cost) to access.

Why can I access some videos without having to request them?
These videos have been previously requested by another patron and are already licensed.

Can UNT students request access to videos?
Absolutely! However, in order for a request to result in the purchase a license students are required to be in good standing, enrolled in courses, have no outstanding library fines, and must use their UNT email address to make the request. If you are a student that is local to the UNT Campus and able to check the DVD out from the Media Library please do this instead!

How long does it take for a request to be processed?
If a request is made between 8am-4pm on a work day Media Library staff will approve it or respond to the requestor the same day. If a request is made outside of normal working hours Media Library staff will approve it or respond to the requestor on the next regular workday. It takes Kanopy 24-48 hours to get access set up on the platform once the request is approved.

What will happen to the Kanopy content I have already assigned?
The links currently being used in online courses will remain active and still point to the films assigned. If you are concerned about access to a video expiring please send the titles in question to the Media Library at so that we can check expiration dates for you.

What can faculty do to ensure that assigned videos are licensed and available as needed?
Professors should check the links to find out if the movies they want to use are still available, ideally a week or two prior to the assignment deadline, but at the very least at the beginning of each term. This is a standard good practice with all streaming video, every semester. Film platforms like Kanopy occasionally lose licensing rights for video, licenses expire, and URLs change, etc. If you notice that a Kanopy video you've assigned is not available request it through the platform and let us know when your course is being offered (for all other streaming video contact the Media Library).

Let us know if you plan to use a film for multiple years as we can get a 3-year license instead of the automatic 1-year license which guarantees longer seamless access.

One great thing about Kanopy is that if an assigned video does expire students trying to access the film will get a popup to request a new license…this means that even if a license is accidentally allowed to expire students can get access restored on their own. 

What if we have a film but the license expires before I want to use it?
You have two options:
1. ​Let us know ahead of time. We can purchase another lease in advance and have it start on a day of your choosing. Just email to let us know. Don’t forget to include your course information, lease length, and when you’d like the new lease to start.
2. Wait until the first lease expires and put in a request at that time.

How can I find videos to watch on Kanopy?
Search the catalog to find movies we have already licensed. More information on how to search the catalog for online media can be found here. You can also search directly on the Kanopy platform to find new content.

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