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MGMT 4335: Technology & Innovation Management

UNT Library resources focusing on technology entrepreneurship, product and process innovation, and innovation process theories.

Welcome to the library guide for MGMT 4335!

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Professional Resources For Schilling, 5th edition

  • EDGAR: This is the website for the Securities Exchange Commission where one can access the EDGAR database for any publicly-held company's 10-K and other reports ( ).
  • MIT's Technology Review: Good magazine for articles on recent technological innovations and other technology-related news stories. Some articles available free online; others require subscription ( ).
  • National Science Foundation's Science Resource Statistics: Offers data on spending on R&D by different countries and different types of organizations (e.g., industrial, government, universities, nonprofit, etc.). Also provides data on science education ( ).
  • Dunn & Bradstreet's Zapdata: Provides detailed industry reports. Free, but requires registration ( ).
  • American National Standards Institute: Provides information on standards setting organizations and processes used at both the national and industry levels
    ( ).

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