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INFO 6000: Seminar in Information Science: Introduction

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Welcome to the Class Page for INFO 6000: Seminar in Information Science

​Social and technical issues responsible for the evolution of information science. Major problems, trends and developments. Critical, historical survey of major works and developments in research and practice.

Goal 1: To introduce you to the discipline of information science and its key concepts, and researchers.
Objectives - You should be able to:
1. Identify and understand major concepts, theories, and researchers in information science.
2. Understand the process of scholarly research and development of scientific knowledge.
3. Identify, analyze, and synthesize significant research in the scholarly literature.
4. Position a research area historically and intellectually in information science and cognate disciplines.
5. Appreciate the range of possible research areas and clarify your own interests.
6. Participate in and observe collaborative behavior in the course Website and other assignments.

Goal 2: To encourage you to develop scholarly skills and confidence in your ability to succeed as an information scientist.
Objectives - You should be able to:
1. Use citation indexes and other indexes and databases for literature searching and analysis.
2. Conduct a citation analysis study and report the results.
3. Express ideas in an orderly, concise fashion in both written and oral presentations.
4. Cite scholarly sources completely and accurately.
5. Apply the process of analytic and constructive criticism in peer review.
6. Develop technological skills, including Website construction, research data analysis, and research project management.


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