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This guide provides information about the resources required to complete the semester project and explain the geomorphology of a Texas county.

Geologic Atlas of Texas

Set of individual map sheets showing the geological structure of almost the entire state. Most of the maps come with an accompanying booklet explaining how to interpret the map. If you would like to see the map sheet from the Geologic Atlas of Texas for a specific area, ask at the Sycamore Library Service Desk. We have an index map to help you determine which sheet you need. Maps can be purchased online from the Bureau of Economic Geology.

USGS Topographic Maps

UNT Libraries' Government Documents has 7.5-minute topographic maps in hardcopy for most of Texas, as well as for Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico. If you would like to see a topographic map for a particular area, ask for the map by quadrangle name at the Sycamore Library Service Desk.

An index map for identifying quadrangle names is also available at the Service Desk, or you can use the U.S. Geological Survey's Map Locator.

Materials Location

The maps and related materials needed to complete this project are available at the Sycamore Library in Sycamore Hall.

Below is information for accessing materials in print as well as what is accessible online.

Additional Resources

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