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Finding Datasets

Discover datasets for your class project or research


Certain types of data, such as business or financial data, are often proprietary information and not publicly accessible. However, some collections of proprietary data are available through the UNT Libraries. Additionally, UNT Libraries offer access to resources that use proprietary data in reports or analysis. Sometimes, the source data is described or cited. These reports or analyses may be useful for supporting your research or project, even if they do not offer access to the underlying data. 

There is another type of subscription database that offers access to public and proprietary data. Some of these have built-in analytics and visualization tools to query aggregated datasets.

Below find lists of databases that offer datasets and those that provide reports and analysis that utilize data. 

To access the full list of subscribed datasets in our library catalog, click here to access.

Databases Provided Though the UNT Libraries

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