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Advanced Data Analytics

A guide for students and faculty in the graduate program Master of Science Advanced Data Analytics offered by the UNT Toulouse Graduate School

Finding research on data analytics

Data analytics is a very new area of work and not really a discipline of its own. This makes finding scholarly work about data analytics kind of tricky.

Much of the work is done by computer scientists, so a good bit of the literature can be found in the these databases:

Otherwise, you'll want to search a database related to the domain in which you want to apply data analytics: see one of the UNT Libraries' subject guides to find relevant database.

Or you can explore the literature across fields, such as by using the Books & More (for ebooks) and Online Article Search (for journal articles) features, both on the homepage of the UNT Libraries. (On a mobile device, click the magnifying glass icon and then choose Library Catalog for ebooks or Full Text Online for articles.)

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