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CMHT 5100: Introduction to Research in Merchandising and Hospitality

Class guide for CMHT 5100

Welcome to the Class Page for CMHT 5100

Instructor:  Dr. Lisa Kennon


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Overview of the CMHT 5100 Research Guide

This subject guide provides information on merchandising hospitality and tourism resources available from UNT Libraries. Use the tabs at the top of the page to find out about the following resources:

  • Managing research and writing
    • guides on how to perform basic research activities
    • information on how to format and manage citations
  • Articles in both print and electronic format provide:
    • the most current source of peer-reviewed information
    • focused research, narrow in scope
    • literature review
  • Books in both print and electronic format provide:
    • in-depth coverage of a topic, broad in scope and usually historical
    • information that is two to three years old by the publication date
    • indexes where you can check if the book contains your topic
  • Government documents, including congressional hearings, laws, and agency reports, provide:
    • information on legislative or regulatory aspects of a topic
  • Statistics, in both print and electronic format provide:
    • local, state, national and international perspectives
    • data on employment, revenues, profitability, dining and travel trends etc.
  • Company and industry information:
    • company, country, and industry profiles
    • financial data
    • market research
  • Research methods

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