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MUMH 5030: Advanced Issues in Music Research

How to use a reference manager and Turabian citation style for your research.

Special Instructions for MUMH 5030

You will get the most out of RefWorks if you combine it with one of the writing tool plugins available in your RefWorks account. Using both will give you the ability to insert footnotes as you're writing your paper and to generate a matching bibliography, all in the Turabian citation style. Here are the steps to take to get ready:

  1. Create your RefWorks account - see the handout in the box below, "Introduction to RefWorks" for instructions.
  2. Watch the videos below to learn RefWorks' basic functions.
  3. Watch the video below about the writing tool plugins, "Writing with RefWorks."
  4. Go to the Tools section of your RefWorks account and install one of the three plugins on your computer. The easiest to install is the Google Docs add-on; but if it won't, try closing all Google Doc windows, open your document again, and then try installing again.
  5. See the document below for screenshots and instructions on how to write a paper using Google Docs and RefWorks. The process is very similar if you choose one of the other plugins with Microsoft Word instead.

Create Your RefWorks Account

If the video below is gray, sign into Microsoft Stream with your UNT email address and EUID password.

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a web-based research manager that allows you to create your own personal database of citations and documents for both academic and personal use. With RefWorks you can:

  • Easily export references from electronic databases, the UNT library catalog, text files, websites and more into your account
  • Quickly create reference lists for papers and projects in the citation style of your choice
  • Store, read and annotate files.

See the Basic RefWorks Handout below and the RefWorks video tutorials to get started with your account. For RefWorks FAQs and announcements, visit the RefWorks library guide

Learn RefWorks in under 30 Minutes

Learn to Use Write-N-Cite/RefWorks Citation Manager

Learn to Use RefWorks' Word Processing Tools

Contact Erin O'Toole if you have any difficulties installing Write-N-Cite or RefWorks Citation Manager.

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