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ANTH 4550: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity: Primary Source Materials

A guide to library resources for students in ANTH 4550

What are primary source materials?

Primary sources are documents, images or artifacts that provide firsthand testimony or direct evidence concerning an historical topic under research investigation. Primary sources are original documents created or experienced contemporaneously with the event being researched.

Primary sources can include:

archives and manuscript material
photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, films
journals, letters and diaries
published books, newspapers and magazine clippings published at the time
government publications
oral histories or interviews (audio or transcribed)
records of organizations
autobiographies and memoirs
printed ephemera
artifacts, e.g. clothing, costumes, furniture
research data, e.g. public opinion polls

Below are just a few suggested sources for primary documents, including some library subscription databases plus a few websites. There are many many more sources of oral histories, archival documents, etc. that are freely available on the web. There are also many physical primary source items contained in the UNT Libraries Special Collections which are located on the fourth floor of Willis Library. 

Databases for primary source documents

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