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Bassoon Resource Guide


The following are only a few important examples of the many books we have about the bassoon: 

Christlieb, Don. Recollections of a First Chair Bassoonist: 52 Years in the Hollywood Studio Orchestras. Edited by Anthony Christlieb and Carolyn Beck. Los Angeles: Christlieb Products, 1996. (ML419.C54 A3 1996)

Jansen, Will. The Bassoon, Its History, Construction, Makers, Players and Music.  (In five volumes) Buren, The Netherlands: Fritz Knuf. [ML 950 .J35 1978 v. 1-5] (Library use only.)

Kopp, James B. The Bassoon (Yale Musical Instrument Series). New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2012.  (ML950 .K66 2012)

Langwill, Lyndesay Graham. The Bassoon and Contrabassoon. NY: Norton, 1971. (ML 950 .L29 1965)

Our online catalog shows over 100 results in a search for books concerning the bassoon:

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