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GEOG 5800: Research Design and Geographic Applications

A guide to library resources that will help you prepare your research proposal.

Search in the Catalog

You can find both print and electronic books through the Discover catalog. You can also start your search from the Books & More tab of the Start Your Research section on the Libraries homepage. You can use two types of searches when researching a topic:

  1. The All Fields search looks for your keywords in all fields of a book's record, e.g., title, author, subject headings, notes, table of contents. The order of your keywords doesn't matter. You tend to get many results with this search but not all are relevant.
  2. The Subject search is an advanced search that only searches in the subject headings assigned to a book. Subject headings are like tags that tell you what the book is about. The order of your keywords does matter in this case and you usually get more relevant results.

Pro search tip: Start with an All Fields search, review the records of books relevant to your topic, and identify their subject headings. Then use those subject headings for a Subject search.

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