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INFO 5200: Introduction to Information Organization: Concept Briefing

What is it?

A concept briefing is a short research paper over your exploration of a concept. The purpose of a concept briefing is to inform others about your topic. Your report should include a definition of the concept, explanation of its purposes and implications and examples.

CB Components

Your CB can be broken down into six components:

Abstract- This should be a brief description of the information your paper will include.

Introduction- Your introduction should introduce your topic or concept and lead into the rest of the paper

Definition- Definitions should be clear and concise.

Purpose and Implications-  In this segment you should cover why your topic/concept exists, how it is used, and its benefits and limitations.

Examples-  These should be real world examples of your topic or concept in action.

Conclusion-  Your Conclusion should tie your paper together.


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Templates and Helper Documents

The Concept Briefing is in a modified APA style format.  Although citations are APA style, there are various differences to acknowledge between a standard research paper and the concept briefing. 

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