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Census: Indian Census Rolls

Guide to using the United States census products to find historical, genealogical, geographical, and statistical information.

About the Indian Census Rolls

The Indian Census Rolls were compiled by the Bureau of Indian Affairs between 1885 and 1940. They were microfilmed by the National Archives and are available at regional branches as microfilm publication M595, in 692 rolls, and are also available at many state and local history and genealogy centers.

Information gathered varies by year and jurisdiction, but usually includes English and/or Indian name, tribal roll number, age or date of birth, sex, and relationship to head of household. Beginning in 1930, the censuses also show degree of Indian blood, marital status, place of residence, and other information.

For a history and detailed description of this resource, see BIA Indian Census Rolls: A Guide to the Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1885–1940 on the Genealogy Web site.

UNT Holdings

The UNT Libraries Microforms Department has microfilmed copies of the following Indian census rolls, shelved under call number Film K191:

  • Reels 98-103:  Eastern  Navajo, 1929–1935.
  • Reels 249-251:  Leupp (Navajo), 1915–1917, 1920–1925, 1927, 1929–1935.
  • Reel 252:  Lovelocks (Paiute) 1910–1912; Lower  Brule 1897–1924.
  • Reels 273-274:  Navajo, 1915 and1936 supplements only.
  • Reel 275:  Eastern Navajo Reservation, 1937.
  • Reels 303-307:  Northern Navajo, 1930–1935.
  • Reels 401-403:  Pueblo Bonito (Navajo) 1909–1912, 1914–1924, 1926.
  • Reel 471:  San Jacinto (Mission and other Indians), 1904–1906, plus other supplements.
  • Reel 517:  Sioux Indians 1916-1920.
  • Reels 518-531:  Southern Navajo 1929 (transmittal letter and recapitulation), 1930 (A-Z), 1931 (A–Z  and suppl. rolls), 1932 (A–Z and suppl. rolls), 1933 (Arizona A–Z, New Mexico and suppl. rolls), 1934 (Arizona A–Z and New Mexico), 1934–1935 (suppl. rolls)

A guide to this set is located on the Microforms Index Shelves.

National Archives and Records Administration Holdings

The original Indian census rolls are held by the National Archives. For a description of their holdings, see American Indians in Census Records.

Online Indian Census Rolls

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