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Books on Information Technologies are arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system. Each book is assigned a call number, and the beginning letters correspond to a specific subject. For example, books about computer software will have “QA 76.75” at the beginning of their call numbers. The following list comprises the subject headings that will be most relevant to you:


Adult education

Adult learning

Computer-assisted instruction

Educational technology

Information technology


A more comprehensive list can be found at the Library of Congress


Please note that teaching with technology is located within the "Teaching" subject.  Of particular interest might be call numbers that begin "LB1028."

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To find materials that may assist your research that are not owned by the University of North Texas Libraries, use the OCLC WorldCat database. Materials identified here can be ordered via Interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary Loan Services are offered to the students, faculty and staff of UNT for research purposes. All of the Libraries' Interlibrary Loan requests are processed through ILLiad, an integrated web-based ILL software program. To use Interlibrary Loan Services you will need to create an ILLiad account.

If you are enrolled in a distance learning class, you may submit requests for items owned by the UNT Libraries through your ILLiad account. Books owned by the UNT Libraries may be mailed to your home or delivered to the UNT Dallas Campus Library. Articles will be delivered electronically to your ILLiad account. *Note:  When you register for an ILLiad account, choose status "Dist Learning". This will insure that you have access to special Distance Learning request forms.

Distance Learning students may also request items not owned by the UNT Libraries. Interlibrary Loan books or microfilm cannot be mailed to you but must be picked up at the Circulation Desk, Willis Library, the Discovery Park, or at the UNT Dallas Campus Library. Articles will be delivered electronically.

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