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Media Arts: Books

This guide provides an overview radio, television and film studies resources available to the UNT community.

Search the Library Catalog

The UNT Library contains a large collection of print and electronic books on the topic of radio, television and films.Search for books through the UNT Library Catalog:


Keyword Search

A basic way to search on a topic.

Hint: Use "AND" between keywords to create a more complex search. Example:  film AND "German Expressionism"

Subject Search

 A more complex way to search. Subject searches require exact terminology. A few Subjects related to Media Arts are:

  • Motion Pictures.  Also see Related Subjects
  • Radio.
  • Television.
  • Telecommunication
  • Mass Media.

Advanced Keyword Search -

Search for a combination of keyword, subject, authors, locations. 

Find E-Books

Limit your search to online e-books:

1. UNT Library Catalog, Advanced Search Page:

2. Enter your search terms.

3. Scroll down to the Limited To section of the page. Under the MATERIAL TYPE drop down, choose "EBOOKS"

4.Click SUBMIT.

Browse the Shelves

Books are grouped by subject matter. To browse the shelves for these books, use the following location information:

Topic Location Call Number
Mass Media Willis Library, 3rd Floor    P87 - P96
Radio & Television Willis Library, 3rd Floor PN1990 - PN 1992   
Motion Pictures Willis Library, 3rd Floor PN1993 - PN1999
Telecommunication      Research Park Library        TK

Library Catalog: Saving Your Searches

If you repeatedly search for the same items it the Library Catalog (same authors, subjects, scores with specific instrumentations, etc.), you can save the search. This will prevent you from having to key in the search each time and let you place reserves on new materials quicker.

How to:

  1. Login to your Account by clicking:   Login / Renew.
  2. Search for items or create an advanced keyword search including limits to material type, language, publication year, etc. For music scores and specific Instrumentations, use the Music Library Catalog and do a "Performance Forces Search."
  3. When your results are displayed, click the button Save as preferred search located at the top-right side of the screen near the   Modify Search link.
  4. The next time that you log in to your My Sierra Account, you can click the "Preferred Searches" button to see a list of your saved searches.
  5. Click on the search link associated with any of the preferred search terms in the list to quickly execute your search.
  6. You can be alerted of new materials added to the library collection which match your searches. Just check the "Mark for Email" box and be sure that your patron record information includes your current email address.

New Books

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