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ANTH 5010: Thought and Praxis I: Find background on theories/topics

A guide to library resources for students of ANTH 5010

Anthropology Encyclopedias and Theory Primers

The anthropology encyclopedias below provide concise explanations of some of the key theories and concepts in the field. In addition to providing basic context information to help students understand anthropology theories, the entries in these encyclopedias reference foundational texts that students can read and cite in research assignments. Click the link to connect to the online resource, then do a keyword search for your topic. Each entry will have a list of references, which, in some cases, will be hyperlinked to other full text resources. If you have trouble linking to a title, you can request assistance from the Anthropology Subject Librarian.

Streaming Film Databases

We have many streaming films related to anthropology and ethnography, in the library collection. To search by topic within the entire streaming film collection, search the "Books and More" tab on by topic. Then from the results screen, use the limiters in the left column to limit your results to the resources type, "Video/Film" and limit access to "Online".

You may also search or browse within discrete streaming film collections, such as the ones listed below.

Additional Links