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ANTH 5620: Anthropology of Education: Suggested Electronic Resources

Class Page for Dr. Nunez Janes' ANTH/EDCI 5620: Anthropology of Education

Education Databases

Anthropology Databases

NOTE: To search multiple EBSCO databases together click"Choose databases" above search box


Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Search

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Streaming Film Databases

Search Strategies

Suggested search terms:

  • Guatemala
  • El Salvador
  • socialization
  • gang recruitment
  • effects of violence
  • poverty
  • immigration
  • asylum
  • educational attainment
  • education policy
  • education
  • women
  • violence against women
  • indigenous


Search the databases using combinations of these search terms separated by Boolean operators. 

Boolean Operators are:

AND = including AND between search terms or phrases narrows the search results. Using AND between terms ensures that you will receive only those results that contain both of the terms.  Documents that contain only one of the terms will not appear in your list of results.

OR = Using OR between search terms or phrases broadens your search.  Including OR between two search terms ensures that you will receive results that contain either one or both of the search terms.

NOT = Using NOT between two search terms excludes the second term.  For example, searching higher education NOT secondary education, will retrieve results on higher education but not any results on secondary education.


*You can use an asterisk for truncation to search for multiple words with the same root in a single search.  For example, search for immigra* to find all results that include the terms immigration, immigrant, and immigrants


Other Databases and Resources

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