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ANTH 4701: Urban Beings

Course Readings

  • Bridge, Gary and Watson, Sophie, eds.  2010 The Blackwell City Reader. West Sussex: Blackwell.
    • Print book soon to be on reserve at Willis Library services desk
  • Ernstson, Henrik, and E. Swyngedouw. 2019. Urban political ecology in the anthropo-obscene: interruptions and possibilities. NY : Routledge.
  • Lafrenz Samuels, Kathryn, and Paul A. Shackel. 2018. Mobilizing heritage: anthropological practice and transnational prospects. Gainesville : University Press of Florida 
  • Low, Setha M., and Denise Lawrence-Zúñiga. 2003. The anthropology of space and place: locating culture. Malden, MA: Blackwell Pub.
    • Print book will soon be on reserve at the Willis Library services desk
  • Park, Robert Ezra, E. W. Burgess, Roderick Duncan McKenzie, and Louis Wirth. 1925. The city. Chicago, Ill: The University of Chicago Press.

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