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PUBH 2015: Research Methods in Public Health

a library course guide for students in PUBH 2015: Research Methods in Public Health

Below are a few examples of scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles relevant to public health.

Library databases for public health research

To find peer-reviewed (aka, "scholarly) articles related to public health, there are several ways you can search. 

  1. Select a database in which to search. You may select one of the databases listed below in this box, from either the Social Sciences and Multidisciplinary or the Medical and Health Literature Databases groups. Tip: PsycInfo is the only database that allows you to limit your search by research methodology (qualitative, quantitative, etc.)
  2. Search in the "Online Articles tab on the library website ( The "online articles" tab is a search aggregator and searches within almost all of the UNT Libraries' journal databases simultaneously. Results will be from all disciplines and will be numerous. There is also an "online articles" search widget at the bottom of this page. 
  3. Select one individual online public health journal to browse or search within. The public health journals and medical journals boxes on the left side of this page link to peer reviewed journals available through the UNT Libraries.

Social Sciences and Multidisciplinary Databases

Medical and Health Literature Databases

Online Articles

Limit To Only:

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