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CMHT 5440 Consumer Theory

Course guide for CMHT 5440

Module 2 Readings

Below is a list of readings for Module 2.


Holzwarth, M., Janiszewski, C., & Neumann, M. M. (2006).  The influence of avatars on online consumer shopping behaviorJournal of Marketing, 70(4), 19-36.


Kurt, D., Inman, J. J., & Argo, J. J. (2011).  The influence of friends on consumer spending:  The role of agency—communion orientation and self-monitoringJournal of Marketing Research, 48(4), 741-754.


Liu, Y.  (2007).  The long-term impact of loyalty programs on consumer purchase behavior and loyaltyJournal of Marketing 71(4), 19-35.


McCracken, G. (1989).  Who is the celebrity endorser?  Cultural foundations of the endorsement processJournal of Consumer Research, 16, 310-321.


Nayeem, T., & Casidy, R. (2013).  The role of external influences in high involvement purchase behaviorMarketing Intelligence & Planning, 31(7), 732-745.


Ordenes, F. V., Grewal, D., Ludwig, Stephan, de Ruyter, K., Mahr, D. & Wetzels, M.   (2019).  Cutting through content clutter:  How speech and image acts drive  consumer sharing of social media brand messagesJournal of Consumer Research, 45(5), 988-1012.


Rucker, D. D., Galinsky, A. D., & Dubois, D. (2011).  Power and consumer behavior:  How power shapes who and what consumers value. Journal of Consumer Psychology 22, 352-368.


White, K., & Simpson, B. (2013).  When do (and don’t) normative appeals influence sustainable consumer behaviors?  Journal of Marketing, 77(2), 78-95.



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