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BIOL 3452: Genetics Laboratory

Library resources to help you prepare your grant proposal and understand lab topics.


Drosophila melanogaster

By André Karwath aka [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], from Wikimedia Commons.

Welcome to the class page for BIOL 3452: Genetics Laboratory! On these pages, you'll find library and Internet resources that will be useful to you in understanding your lab topics and completing the research proposal assignment.

Table of Contents

Each tab on this website contains lots of information to help with your class assignments.

Books - How to find print and e-books about genetics at the UNT Libraries.

Articles - The top databases for finding articles about genetics and how to search effectively in them.

Media - How to find videos about genetics in the Media Library, and selected videos from YouTube.

Websites - Internet sites about basic genetics, the Drosophila and C. elegans animal models, and just fun stuff.

Citation Help - Find out how to get citation help at the Libraries and at the UNT Writing Lab.

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