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BioDiscovery Institute

Library resources for the students and faculty of the BioDiscovery Institute


Welcome to the library guide for the BioDiscovery Institute! On these pages you'll find the library resources recommended to support research for bio-based solutions to economic challenges.

Why Should I Search Beyond Google Scholar?

  • Google Scholar doesn't necessarily index all of the journals you need. Use GS with other journal databases to get complementary coverage.
  • Many articles in GS aren't peer-reviewed (e.g., student papers in institutional repositories); the majority of articles in the library's subscription databases are peer-reviewed.
  • Research papers have suggested that GS overestimates citations and should only be used as a rough estimate. See Web of Science also for citation counts on articles, but you'll have to look at GS for book chapter or book citation counts.
  • If you use GS, be sure to set up the Library Links in Settings, so you link directly to the library's holdings when you are off campus. Select the "University of North Texas" links, but not the "Health Science Center."

Ask Us!

Need help? Then use the library's Ask Us service. Get help from real people face-to-face, by phone, or by email.

Ask Us!

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