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PSCI 2305: American Government

Library research guide for PSCI 2305

Welcome to the Class Page for PSCI 2305

This class page is for the Fieldwork Paper in the PSCI 2603 course (American Government); however, it has basic research steps and tools that are useful for any research you do. If you find you need more help, use the Ask Us services. Library reference staff members can be reached in person and through phone and email. You may also contact the Subject Librarian for the Political Science Department, Brea Henson.

Fieldwork Paper

From your course syllabus:

You are required to participate in a field work activity that is relevant to American or Texas State government and write a 1200-word reflection paper on your experience (bibliography not included). In a well-written essay, explain how your experience relates to the course and further developed your understanding of politics. What lecture or readings helped you understand this experience? You must attach proof of your attendance to the assignment (a receipt, signed and dated city council agenda, business card of a person you interviewed and photo, photo of you at a political event, along with the event flyer, etc.). You may choose from one of the following options:

  • Attend a city council meeting
  • Interview an elected government official
  • Attend a political event (rally, protest, town hall meeting, or debate)
  • Visit a museum that is relevant to American government (i.e.: The National Vietnam War Museum, The Juanita J. Craft Civil Rights House, The Eisenhower Birthplace State Historic Site, The Dallas Holocaust Museum)

 The Fieldwork paper should have a stapled, physical copy submitted at the beginning of class as well as uploaded to Blackboard before the beginning of class.

DUE DATE: November 29, 2017

General Library Information

General Library Information

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UNT has several libraries. Most Political Science materials can be found on the Mezzanine Level of Sycamore Library, which is located inside Sycamore Hall You can find a map of library locations here:

The UNT Libraries offer a variety of service for our students:

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