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ASTU 3030: Computers in the Visual Arts: Journal Articles

A research guide for Dr. Ruth West's Computers in the Visual Arts

Find Journal Articles on New Media and Digital Art and Artists

Databases for Journal Articles on New Media and Digital Art and Artists

Search the databases below for journal articles on new media and digital art and artists.

*If accessing off campus, you will be asked for your EUID and EUID password.
*If you do not find the full-text of your journal article at the top level in your search results, be sure to click the link "Find Full Text" to be led to more possible sources for the online full-text of the article you need.

Many contemporary artists do not yet have books or exhibition catalogs published about them; therefore, the best information can usually be found in journals.

Artist Keyword Search example (last name, first name)Davies, Char; Courchesne, Luc
Art Topic: Digital Art, Computer Art, New Media Art, Virtual Reality Art, Interactive Art, Immersion AND Art, Generative Art, "Data Art", Sonic Art, Interactive Art, Art AND Technology

Video: How to Find Journal Articles in Humanities Databases

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