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PSCI 3500: Introduction to Peace Studies

Library research guide for PSCI 3500

Policy Paper Final Draft

Requirements from your syllabus

Use the material from the articles summarized in the first installment PLUS additional sources that your have discovered in your research to develop a factual description of the issue and its context. This background analysis should be of sufficient breadth and depth to define the policy issue, its critical dimensions, and its relevance to peace and conflict in the contemporary world. This analysis of the issue should then lead you to a presentation of your policy recommendation on how this issue should be resolved. The policy analysis part of your paper could involve suggestions of policies the U.S., the international community in general, or the leaders of the subject county or countries should pursue in order to resolve the problem you have defined. You must also explain why you think your policy recommendations and not some alternative is the preferred solution to the problem. This implies that you must discuss explicitly the alternative policy recommendations, including their strengths and weaknesses. The final draft is NOT an extended summary of articles. Your paper will be graded according to:

  1. how clearly and thoroughly you define the issue,

  2. the extent and clarity of your factual understanding of the issue and its context, and

  3. how well you state and defend your assessment of what policy should be pursued on this issue.

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