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PSCI 3120: Women and Politics

Library research guide for PSCI 3120

Selecting a Topic for the Preliminary Proposal

The first portion of the research paper (due March 1st) is your proposed paper topic and an initial, tentative bibliography. Students will be asked to write a one-page description of their final paper project. This description should include the public policy issue that student plans to focus on and brief description of how the issue impacts women and why it constitutes a problem that policy makers must address.  

Your professor has suggested a number of women's organizations to help in selecting your topic including:

Your librarian recommends also looking at Opposing Viewpoints in Context. It is a library database that helps frame both sides of a policy issue. It is helpful to understand the perspective of the opposing view when making your call to action to public policy makers in your public policy paper.

1) Go to Opposing Viewpoints in Context (if you are off campus, you will be asked to enter your EUID and Password) and enter your search term(s) in the search box (see "sex trafficking" highlighted in yellow below) then click the Search button/magnifying glass icon to the right of the text field. You may also choose to Browse Issues (circled in red below) if you are still searching for topic ideas.

2) On the results page select Viewpoints (highlighted in yellow below) and read a few of the viewpoints that offer different perspectives. These are not scholarly sources as required for your assignment, simply background information to get you started. There are a few scholarly sources (Academic Journals) available in the box below Viewpoints that you could use for your policy paper. If you have questions about whether or not something you are reading is a scholarly source, just ask your Political Science Librarian.


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