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Library Resources for Dean of Students University Initiatives

This guide provides library books and resources that support the University Initiatives of the Dean of Students Office.


The Dean of Students Office is here to help you navigate through some of the concerns you may have as a student. They are your campus advocate and provide assistance when it comes to managing a crisis, understanding campus policies and procedures, and connecting you with the proper university resource. The Dean of Students Office has a variety of University Initiatives that are meant to help, educate, and keep you safe while you study at UNT.

The University Libraries are here to help you too. They can connect you with resources--government documents, memoirs, general reading, research, films, etc.--that cover topics related to the the events, initiatives, and programs of the Dean of Students Office.

Together, we aim to bring awareness to these topics, educate, and support you while you are here at UNT.

This guide will connect you with library and resources related to hunger and homelessness, domestic violence, stalking, campus safety, and sexual assault, and others. If you need someone to talk to about these topics, please reach out to Esther Oppong. If you have questions about library resources and access, please reach out to Brea Henson. 

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