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Government Information Connection: Politics and Elected Officials: Current Congressional Officers

Information about politicians and their activities; elections, campaigns, and voting; and political activism.

Current Congressional Officers

A list of officers and leaders in the current United States Congress.

The U.S. Government Manual describes the duties of Congressional officers.

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112th United States Congess: Leadership
Links to Wikipedia articles on the current congressional leaders.
Congressional Member and Staff Organizations
List of all Congressional Member Organizations and Congressional Staff Organizations from the 107th to 112th Congress.
Caucuses of the United States Congress
List of every caucus and congressional member organization of the United States Congress listed by the U.S. House Committee on House Administration from the 109th Congress onward, showing the years each caucus was active.

Senate Officers

Senate Organization Chart
This chart shows the hierarchy of Senate leadership, with links to the homepages of Senate leaders. The Virtual Reference Desk provides resources about Senate leadership, committees, and officers.

Senate Leadership

Senate Committees

Senate Officers and Staff

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